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New Beginning is an outpatient physical therapy, aquatics and wellness center that is dedicated to providing individualized patient care and enjoys a reputation as an industry leader in quality care, instruction and success.

Although physical therapy requires a referral, it is the patient's choice as to where and by whom the therapy is provided. 

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New Beginning has an experienced team of physical therapists, speech therapists, physical therapist assistants, technicians and office staff. We work with patient, doctor and family to establish a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that addresses all areas of physical dysfunction and incorporates the patient’s goals to achieve maximum rehabilitation potent

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Each individual team member strives to maintain optimal standards of professional practice and exercise professional judgment in the delivery of quality service to each individual served. 

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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy that involves performing exercises in the water. Aquatic therapy is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty with weight-bearing activities due to arthritis, recent fracture, sprains, or their weight. Exercising in the water provides several benefits that exercise on land can not. The buoyancy of the water provides unloading of the weight-bearing joints of the spine, knee and hips. This is helpful for those who can not tolerate exercising on land due to joint pain.

Early joint movement is possible in water even when experiencing pain. Water supports the body and reduces stress to the joints allowing muscles to be strengthened and tones while the injury heals.

Aquatic physical therapy can increase, circulation, strength and endurance, range of motion, balance and coordination as well as muscle tone. Also, aquatic therapy protects the joints during exercise, reduces stress and can decrease swelling.

Aquatic therapy can benefit pregnant women, post-mastectomy patients and people with arthritis, athletic injuries, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, joint replacement, neck/back pain, orthopedic dysfunction and scoliosis. Talk to your physician about how this type of therapy might fit into your treatment plan.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on the treatment and management of children with a variety of congenital, developmental, neuromuscular, skeletal, and acquired disorders and diseases. Such diseases include cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and torticollis. Our staff’s experience and training in pediatric care will make therapy productive and fun for children and their parents.

Children are not and therefore can not be treated as “little adults”. Their special needs include physical development, bone and joint growth and neurological change. Our therapists are trained in motor development, anatomy and special disorders related to childhood.

We look at the whole child when building an appropriate plan of care, with input from the parents and/or caregivers. We will examine your chid’s range of motion, strength and muscle tone. Will will assess your child’s ability to plan a movement, the quality of that movement, their balance and coordination skills. We then devise strategies that make it fun for them to participate in their program. Each program is developed specifically for your child.

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Katy Baker PT - Clinic Director

  Katy has a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Texas Women’s University. After completing her internships, Katy spent 4 years at Baptist Medical Center/Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida where she was the Assistant Director of Rehab Services. After the family moved to North Georgia in 1996, Katy spent time in home health and outpatient clinics, as well as at Mountainside Medical Center. Katy believes in personally meeting and getting to know each patient and their support caregivers. 


Kim Odum - Office Manager

 Kim joined the staff of NBTS in 2006, starting as a Physical Therapy Tech. She has since been promoted to the position of Office Manager where she is responsible for all aspects of running a smooth and effective office environment. Kim will be the first person who will greet you when you enter New Beginning and is there to assist you in any way possible. Kim is originally from Alpharetta but moved to Jasper with her husband Trent and their two children, Elijah and Makayla. Kim graduated from Sequoyah High School and has worked in the retirement planning field before joining the staff at NBTS.

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The Jasper clinic is located off of Hwy 515 in Jasper. Going north on Hwy 515, turn right at the AT&T Store onto Noah Drive. Turn right again and follow Noah Drive past the BodyPlex and New Beginning will be on your right. 

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The Big Canoe clinic is located inside the fitness center at Big Canoe. From Jasper, follow Cove Road until it dead-ends at Steve Tate Hwy. Turn right and proceed about 1/2 mile to the entrance of Big Canoe. At the gate, let the security office know that you have an appointment at the clinic and they will issue you a pass and provide directions to the fitness center. 

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